Web Beeps are short, quasi-musical sounds which encode text. They can be thought of as sonic QR Codes. You can use them to create audio representation of Web links and identify things with tones. They are easy to create, decode and use and backed by an open specification together with an open source implementation.

Use a Web Beep as your personal cell phone ring tone and let people know who you are!

Get Beeping!

Make Beeps

speaker buttonEnter any text (up to 63 characters) and click the Make Beeps button to get the download.

Try it out

Web addresses (URLs) work well - now you can give yourself a URI you can hear!

Decode Beeps

speaker buttonClick Browse to locate a Web Beep mp3 file on your computer, then click Decode to see the text it contains.

This is a new alpha service, any problems, let me know.

Radio Broadcasters and Podcasters

Add Web Beeps to your recording to provide channel/station identification and to supplement the inclusion of unreliable spoken links.



Tag the releases you put on the Web to link listeners back to your site.


Web Designers

Create Web Beeps for your sites, identifying the pages, people and any other things relevant to each site.


Developers and Inventors

Use Web Beeps to send messages between devices, as access passcodes, to tag real-world objects...the possibilities are endless. This Web Site offers one API, why not build your own?